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Client Management Role:Paid Training - Job Description:

Work Hard/Play Hard Today I am willing to do what others are not, so tomorrow I can have what others cannot. To college grads, or those looking to change careers, this is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of our successes. We arent hiring a certain number of candidates, only the right candidates.RequirementsWhat is Fathomless Inc. looking for in a candidate?1. Great Attitude2. Reliable: On time and ready to go3. Prepared: Mentally, emotionally and physically everyday4. Hard workers: Willing to do what it takes to get the job done and make the client happy.5. Organized: Maximizes time wisely6. Business mentality: Business requires a bit of thick skin. Need to be able to receive constructive criticism and apply feedback.7. Want MORE We are looking for someone who has the mentality that the more the company grows; the candidate grows (and visa versa). Think big and outside the box.8. The ability to take control: We are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Someone who can take a project and run with it. Take control of events/clients, situations and their personal growth.We arent looking for a complacent individual, but someone who is excited about new challenges. our website for more information about our mission, our events, clients and future goals for growth and expansion at Fathomless Inc. Our Account Managers/Executives will be trained in the following:- Human Resources- Sales and Marketing- Client Relations- Account Management- Recruiting- Relationship Building- National Networking Relevant experience: event staff, entry level event staff, event staff management, event management, event manager, entry level event manager, event marketing, event marketing specialist, entry level event marketing specialist, event manager, marketing manager, entry level event marketing manager, public relations, entry level public relations, public relations manager, advertising, entry level advertising, advertising manager, advertising management, customer service, event customer service, customer service management, customer service manager, entry level customer service, sales, entry level sales, entry level sales management, sales, marketing, event, manager, public relations, customer service, pr, advertising, public relations, sales, management, marketing, professional selling, business administration, human resources, recruiting, sports management, restaurant management, hospitality, customer service, manager, accounting, computer, management, manufacturing, purchasing, finance, retail, medical, project manager, teacher, real estate, data, entry, printing, insurance, customer service, network, telecommunications, information technology, banking, restaurant, assistant, nurse, graphic design, project management, environmental assistant, design, project management, advertising, supervisor, MBA, public relations, printing, insurance, medical assistant, communications, research, computers, training, mortgage, operations, office manager, general, executive, vice president, social, services, social work, collections, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical sales, drivers, buyer, food, internet, electronics, jobs, tv, chef, editor, phone, wireless, energy, atmosphere, fun, energetic.

Company Description:

We are an agile and responsive New York based interactive Marketing firm that will deliver results to businesses. We are a team of builders, thinkers and leaders who craft white glove customer service experiences. We focus on the intersection of client and consumer. We aim to create memorable experiences. With a genuine passion for problem solving; work is play and we are shining. We believe that at the roots of every organization the inexhaustible source of inspiration is to be found, giving guidance to strategy and in the development of creative concepts for marketing, communication and culture.

We intend to make the world a better place by creating an array of small businesses throughout the world to m

Salary: Competitive

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